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Meet Our FBF Horses


Strawberry moved to FBF in May 2020 from Heart and Hooves Rescue and Sanctuary in East Brookfield, Massachusetts. She is a bit over 34" tall and has a beautiful mane that is the envy of all the other horses in the barn! 

This 20 year old girl was rescued by her previous owner from auction in Pennsylvania. We believe she was likely Amish owned. A fun fact about Strawberry: she has driving cart experience! Her mom (and FBF instructor) Katie has a new cart - sized for Strawberry - and they've been driving around the property together. Strawberry is a quick learner and clearly remembers her past work in harness.

Among Strawberry's favorite things - besides lots of attention from everyone at the barn - she adores rolling outside in her paddock, and being pampered and loved on by friends - old and new.

Strawberry 2020-4.jpg
Strawberry 2020-2.jpg
Strawberry 2020-3.jpg
Strawberry 2020-1.jpg
Strawberry 2020-5.jpg


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