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Thanks to a huge response from the community and our clients (for which we are so grateful) we are full and no longer able to accept new clients into our programs at this time.

Our horses and staff work hard to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all who visit FBF. Part of our work includes making sure that we don't invite more participants into our program than our horses and staff can accommodate.


If you are not a current client and would like to join our wait list, please read on!

​Why we have a waitlist:

Due to various life circumstances, our current participants may decide not to continue sessions with us. We understand that schedules shift and day-to-day demands change. Maintaining a waitlist allows us to immediately contact those folks who are ready to join us and fill an open space.

How long will I have to wait to join an FBF program?

We remind our current participants that it is essential to come to sessions as planned (or to follow our cancellation guidelines) so that we don't hold a space open for someone does not attend. Timing depends upon participant turnover and the availability of our equines and staff.

What do I need to do to be added to the waitlist?

Please complete and submit the form below. When we have space, we will contact you to discuss your interest in our programs. If you are unfamiliar with what we offer, please visit our Services page.

Will I be notified when my information is received?

You will receive a confirmation message when you click the "Click to Submit Information for Our Website" button in our "Join the FBF Waitlist Form" (shown on this page). Due to the volume of messages we receive we are not able to reply to each submission individually.


Join the FBF Waitlist
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Thanks for submitting!


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