Questions & Answers about Furnace Brook Farm

Where do I park when I visit Furnace Brook Farm?

Vehicles should be parked ONLY ON THE LEFT as you head down the driveway. No parking is available to the right of the driveway as this is private property. Please leave your car in the parking area and DO NOT drive down to the barn – this is a safety concern for our horses and students. We try to maintain a setup of orange cones to help restrict access by vehicles to the barn area. Please DO NOT drive past these cones.

What should I wear to my lessons?

Students should wear long pants for all lessons. A heeled boot is ideal, but an athletic sneaker is acceptable footwear. Once a student has committed to riding lessons, a heeled boot should be purchased. FBF has helmets that a student may borrow, however we ask that once you or your child has committed to taking lessons PLEASE purchase your own riding helmet. This is better for overall hygiene and safety. Speak to your instructor about size. Riding helmets may be purchased at SmartPakEquine.com, Amazon or shop locally at Briggs Stable in Hanover. If you call SmartPak (1-800-461-8898) and tell them you ride at Furnace Brook Farm they can direct you to you items that Erin has handpicked for students, including riding pants, boots, and helmets.

Where should I watch my child's riding lesson?

We have seating available under the tree or on the ramp by the top ring. For the larger ring, we have seating available along the end by the entrance. There is a path leading down to the seating area. Parents should not come down to the mounting area or enter the ring.

How do I pay for my lesson?

Inside the barn tack room (where riding equipment is kept) there is a payment box with instructions. We ask you to PLEASE pay on time for lessons. Horses are very expensive, and we rely on payments from our student lessons and client sessions to pay for their care. We also pay our instructors on time so we need you to pay us on time. Please help keep FBF financially healthy.

What are some barn safety rules to follow while at FBF?

We ask everyone to please be mindful of the horses in general. Horses do not like loud noises, screaming or fast movements – no running, hiding or jumping around. NO RUNNING OR ROLLING DOWN THE GRASSY HILL NEXT TO THE RIDING ARENA – this is very scary to horses being ridden.

FBF can get very busy with many people and horses moving around at one time. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPERVISING YOUR CHILDREN when they are not in lessons. Siblings are welcome but must be supervised while their sibling is riding.

No one is allowed to enter a horse’s stall without an instructor present.

NO SMOKING is permitted on FBF property at any time. Please refrain from bringing breakable glass to FBF or anything that may be dropped/left behind that horses may step on and cause injury to themselves.

Is there a policy regarding feeding treats to FBF horses?

Our horses love treats and we love giving them treats! If you brought your horse a treat, we ask that you save it for the end of your lesson. Please let your instructor know that you brought treats so they can be sure that your horse is allowed to have them. Some of our horses have dietary restrictions so we need to be careful about feeding them. We ask that you feed the horses their treats from our special “treat buckets”. This is much safer for all involved.

Is there paperwork that is necessary to complete to participate in lessons at FBF?

Yes! You must fill out our new student (or new client) paperwork before you can start your program at FBF.

Therapeutic Services: If you are enrolling in our therapeutic services, online or downloadable/printable forms can be found here.

You may also ask your instructor for a copy of the paperwork. You must complete and return a signed liability release before your first appointment at FBF.

Is there a bathroom at FBF?

Yes, we have a bathroom available at FBF. You are welcome to use it but we kindly ask that you please be as neat as possible. During the winter, please close the bathroom door after you use it as the heater is on to prevent pipes from freezing. The stairs leading to and from the bathroom are steep so please encourage your child to use the handrail.

Other questions?

If you have additional questions not answered here, please be in touch and we'll be happy to help!