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Our Team

Furnace Brook Farm is an exciting and nurturing place to learn. Students benefit from the extensive experience of our instructors and their commitment to meeting each student wherever they are -- to help them meet their goals. Read more about each of our instructors.

Erin Van Stenburgh


Owner and Director of Furnace Brook Farm

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor

PATH International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Having begun riding at the age of four, Erin Van Steenburgh has dedicated herself to her riding, competing and teaching. In her early years, Erin was an active member of 4-H and the Morgan Youth program, competing in horse shows, horse competitions and judging competitions.


As a teenager, Erin represented Massachusetts twice in national 4-H competition as well as competing nationally in the Grand National Morgan Youth of the Year competition, which she won in 1994. At this time she was competing her Morgans throughout the region in saddleseat and driving competitions, wining many championships along the way.


During her sophomore year at Bowdoin College, Erin decided to change the direction of her riding career and began studying dressage with her Morgan stallion Syndical Legaltender. After graduation, her passion for dressage led her to a working student position with Olympian Lendon Gray and ultimately her decision to make Morgans and dressage her career.

Furnace Brook Farm was born and Erin continued her own riding as well as beginning her career teaching children the joy of riding and caring for horses. In 2016, Erin received her Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International) certification to teach therapeutic riding. She looks forward to expanding her business to serve the needs of many children and adults with varying challenges.

Erin VanSteenburgh
Kim Fuda.JPG


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Licensed Occupational Therapist

Kim Fuda is a registered and licensed occupational therapist who earned her master’s degree at Boston University. Kim has spent her entire career working with children of all ages and abilities, as well as adults with developmental disabilities. She has pursued specialized training in the areas of sensory processing, autism, oral motor and feeding, myofacial release, a variety of neuromuscular facilitation and handling techniques and Therapeutic Listening. She is a certified early intervention specialist who has worked in the field of early intervention for almost 30 years.

Kim arrived at Furnace Brook Farm when she followed a family who was searching for opportunities for their son to receive therapy on a horse. On her first visit to the farm with this little boy and his mom, Kim immediately saw the endless therapeutic benefits available from the loving community of people and horses at Furnace Brook Farm. She was so grateful that Erin invited her to be a part of such a nurturing and exciting environment and even more appreciative that she offered to teach her how to ride a horse!


Kim spent the next two years volunteering at the farm and learning all she could about the amazing world of horses and the limitless sensory, motor, and emotional benefits that equines offer to children and adults experiencing various challenges. Kim completed the American Hippotherapy Association’s Level 1 Treatment Principles Course in 2018, in order to expand and legitimize her ability to offer occupational therapy services with the help of the beautiful horses and people at Furnace Brook Farm.   


Megan C.jpg


Furnace Brook Farm Barn Manager

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Megan began her riding career in 1995, taking lessons at Timber Hill Stable (THS) in Kingston, MA which is owned and operated by Erin Van Steenburgh's sister Christine Nava Moulthrop. She spent every waking moment at the barn caring for, riding and showing horses. In 2000, Megan received the best Valentine's Day surprise from her parents ... her very own horse, Flaire Bear!


Megan later earned her riding instructor license and began work as an assistant trainer of more than 15 horses while teaching students at THS. When she realized how much she enjoyed interacting with horses and teaching others how to ride, Megan decided to organize and start a summer camp program at the barn which continues today.


In an effort to expand her knowledge, Megan left THS in 2009 and became barn manager at Kingsway Farm in Halifax, MA - overseeing more than 30 elite hunter- jumper horses. Megan loved being able to help rehabilitate injured horses and became dedicated to learning everything she could about equine health and wellness.


Following 2 years at Kingsway, Megan returned to THS and in 2013, completed her studies to became a Certified Veterinary Assistant through Massasoit Community College. After taking a year off to enjoy her newborn son, Colton, Megan returned to the barn as an instructor and running summer camps again. Later, in 2017, Megan joined the customer care team at SmartPak, learning about the latest in equine products and healthcare. In Megan's words, "I turned into a total horse health nerd!"


A few years passed and Megan's horse, Flaire Bear, made his way over to Furnace Brook Farm (FBF) to assist in the therapeutic equine program. Megan saw great potential in the farm and its program and knew she wanted to help. In 2019 she left SmartPak to join FBF as barn manager.


Today, Megan spends her days keeping the farm in tip top shape, making sure the FBF herd or horses are happy and healthy. She is dedicated to educating the next generation of horse people and supporting the FBF team in any way she can.


Suzanne O.JPG


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor

PATH International Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


Suzanne began her lifelong love of horses at age seven when she started riding lessons at a nearby stable where she grew up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. During those years, she spent countless hours doing all sorts of barn chores while riding hunter jumper and dressage horses. After college, she began her career in business and paused her riding except for an occasional trail ride.

Following a career change -- leaving behind 15 years of work in marketing -- Suzanne earned her Master's degree from Boston University School of Social Work. As she began her clinical career at a local counseling center, Suzanne decided to return to her earlier passion -- horses. At Furnace Brook Farm, she resumed riding and met her future horse, So-Be-It ("Sobe").  

Suzanne is grateful to be part of the Furnace Brook Farm team as she continues to expand her teaching experience as an instructor. She applies her horsemanship background, therapeutic insight, and perspective as an adult rider to serve her clients as they participate in groundwork and riding activities.


Suzanne is particularly interested in assisting adults who may be new to horses or are returning (like she did) after some time away from the barn. She looks forward to helping participants experience the joy interacting with horses in a safe, supportive, therapeutic environment that is Furnace Brook Farm. 


Kim Fuda
Megn Colter


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