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Meet Our FBF Horses


Clear Spring Beausoleil (1992 - 2020)


Beau was a 15.3 hand chestnut Morgan gelding. Beau was born on May 4, 1992. Before coming to FBF in December of 2017, Beau was an award winning Morgan show horse who has brought many riders to the winner’s circle.


Beau was sweet, dependable, kind and loved his job as a therapy horse. Beau was awarded the American Morgan Horse Association Therapy horse of the year for 2018. He loved to hang out with his best pony friend Owen. Beau loved to have his neck scratched and eat lots of yummy treats. Beau was owned by Marion Bengston who generously shared Beau with FBF.

Read more about Beau's amazing work at FBF.

Beau RIP FB.png
Beau and Fergus
Beau at mounting block
Beau portrait
Beau with riding lesson student
Frosty Beau
Beau in show
Hugs for Beau


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